Bad Egg

I have beat pokemon emerald about 10 or 11 times . I have reached the point where I am doing 1 pokemon playthroughs were you only train 1 pokemon and 5 other hm pokemon that you never train .

This time I decided too use my favorite pokemon , Gardevoir .

Gardevoir has been my favorite pokemon ever since I saw her in a battle with Will in pokemon emerald . There wasn't a pokemon I liked more than Gardevoir . I ran through the game beating everybody with my Gardevoir who I named Katie. We ran through every gym and every battle tournament in every town that had one . I had made it too the elite four with a level 82 Gardevoir with the moves Psychic, Calm mind, Thunder, and Shadow ball . I used all my money I had which was about 50 something thousand to buy a ton of revives and hyper potions . Than filled the rest of my team with level 20s and 30s I had caught as back-ups for healing if Gardevoir eve fainted which hadn't happened since she was a ralts . I entered the elite four and got through the first 3 of the elite four when I went too heal my pokemon for the next one I noticed that my Gardevoir was replaced with something called a Bad Egg . I was really confused because I had never had this happen because of my refusal too use cheats of any sort . For anybody who doesn't now a Bad Egg is a glitch that the game developers put in that is supposed too stop people from using random encounter cheats .

I went online too see if there was a way too reverse the bad egg back too katie but I couldn't find anything , It was just everybody telling me not too hatch it . I already know that if it hatches it will will freeze the game . I went on the threads too try and find anybody has found a glitch too try and reverse the bad egg .

It took about 3 hours but someone on the thread with the name pokehacker96 told me too join a private thread and he would tell me his secret of how too get the pokemon back . I went to his private thread and waited for him too start telling me but he didn't answer for about 2 hours . I was about too get off the computer when he popped up and started typing a list of stuff too do too get my Gardevoir back . I'm not going too type the list because I don't want you too do the steps to and put yourself in danger . I did all the steps and and he told me too take 12000 steps and let it hatch , and it would turn back into my gardevoir again.

I didn't want too hatch it but everything he told me would happen did and I trusted him . I took 11000 steps and a text box popped up saying “do you know what you are doing” and a yes or no box popped up and I clicked yes . Then I took the remaining 1000 steps and The egg started too hatch . Instead of the egg doing its normal hatching animation it sort of popped , and right there was my sweet Gardevoir good as new . I did notice something different through , her stats had changed . All her stats had changed to 300 . I was surprised since I have not known a pokemon's stats to get that high .I also noticed that the type had been changed to dark ghost making him like sableye without weakness . I wasn't expecting that and knew it was a glitch a skilled hacker had put into the games . He must have switched the code around to make Gardevoir like Sableye .

The game continued as normal , I beat the elite four easy with my new beast pokemon at my side . We pummeled the Battle Tower and the other stadiums till we got all the symbols . Its when I got katie to level 100 when it started getting weird . Her sprite looked like she had a smirk and her moveset completely changed . Her moves were ( Crunch , Dark pulse , sludge bomb , and nightmare.).

I was confused about nightmare because the enemy had to be asleep to use it . I tried to change it but it did the same as it does for hms . I was shocked about Dark Pulse because it wasn't added till 4th gen. I was just happy to have her back so I did what we usually did . We wiped the floor with the elite four and even beat the pokemon tower again ,we were unstoppable . She was the perfect pokemon .

I started only using her . I never caught any more pokemon and never had the chance to catch any legendaries because she 1 hit koed them . Even if they used endure she would kill them in one shot . For some reason I wanted to try out nightmare even though I know it wouldn't work . I went to battle the strongest pokemon in the game ( not including my gardevoir of course ) Rayquaza . The only one event legendary pokemon I had yet to face .

For some reason the floor was all fixed in the sky pillar even though I know for a fact that the floor is all cracked up the second time around . I wasn't mad since I hated that . I got to where rayquaza was and started the battle . I decided that i would let him have the first shot and choose nightmare thinking that it wouldn't do anything since it wasn't asleep .

The move let him go first and then did something I had never seen or heard of before . It filled the screen with a black tint and Rayquaza started glowing red .

It stayed like this for about 2 minutes and I was about to shut it off thinking the game crashed but then the screen went back to normal and to my surprise the rayquaza had turned shiny ( Black and red if you have never seen one before ).

I was overjoyed with finally finding my favorite shiny ever . Not my favorite pokemon but my favorite color scheme . I automatically through my master ball at it since I was saving it for a shiny over the level of 45 , I had caught it . Since I only had two pokemon with my ( Gardevoir , And my surf and fly hm user pelipper ) So it just went straight into my team . I looked at the pokemon and saw like Gardevoir was dark/ghost type , without weakness . I now had my two favorite pokemon in the game without weakness . I was unstoppable . I looked at the moves and they had changed as well along with the status being 300 the moveset had changed to ( crunch , draco meteor, Dragon pulse, and Worm hole ) . Worm hole , I had never heard of a move like it ever . I have however started reading creepypastas and have heard of similar sounding moves such as black hole that turn the game into a horror fest . I knew that I shouldn't use that move and was sure it would screw up my game . I went through the elite four a couple more times and on the third time got to the room before the champion and saved and quit .

About 2 days later I realized I hadn't played in a while so I turned on my Gameboy and started the game . I checked my pokemon and they were fully healed . I had my Gardevoir, My rayquaza, a linoone, a pelipper , a sharpido , and a dusclops I had been training, so I entered the room. As soon as I entered the room I noticed something wrong. Instead of the usual champion it was Wally. He was my favorite of my rivals and I was happy to finally get to battle him again . I stepped up to him and started the battle . I sent out my linoone , that was weird because my rayquaza was in first . His team was full of pokemon he didn't have before . A level 80 aggron, a level 100 Charizard, A level 80 sharpido, a level 80 electabuzz , and a level 100 armaldo . His team wiped the floor with my low level pokemon . The only pokemon I had left were my gardevoir, my rayquaza, and my dusclops , My dusclops was sent into battle . I used hypnosis and sent his electabuzz to sleep . Somehow my slow moving dusclops was faster than the electabuzz . He stayed asleep long enough for me to kill him with nightmare and dream eater , The same went with armaldo , All he had left was his Gardevoir .

Wally came up on the screen and said that this was their final battle . His Gardevoir was just like mine . The color , the moveset , every thing was the same except his gardevoir had a smirk on its face . I kept my dusclops out and tried hypnosis but it hit first with crunch killing my dusclops . My Rayquaza was sent out and all the moves were all used up except one “ WORMHOLE ” . I had no choice but to use it . to my surprise it didn't do much of anything to the game other then knock off have the gardevoirs heath . Wallys gardevoir came out and used sludge bomb killing my rayquaza in one hit . My gardevoir came out and like rayquaza only had one move available to use , NIGHTMARE . I used it and it knocked out the rest of the pokemons health . The battle ended and a cut scene started with wally talking to me , he said. “ you had to do it , you had to go and ruin my life again . I am not going to let you get away again . ”his gardevoir came out of her ball . Then my rayquaza came out and it used wormhole . Wally was sucked into it and his gardevoir jumped in after him . After that I was freaked but wanted to know where he went . I flew to his house and talked to his parents who just said “ You killed him you should be ashamed ” . I didn't like the thought of killing my favorite rival and saved and shut off the game . I tried to figure out what had happened but couldn't come to any conclusion other than I had done a messed up glitch created by some sick person . A couple days later I started playing again and everything was normal except My Gardevoir and Rayquaza . My rayquaza no longer had Wormhole but instead had twister and my gardevoir didn't have nightmare but had physic instead . I was happy to have things back to normal . I still tried to keep from using the Rayquaza just in case the stuff happens again . I started going in my pc and picking more pokemon to train since I had nothing better to do . I picked my numel I had caught back in the beginning and started to train it . I had got it to a level 46 camerupt before a battle started. The battle started saying “ Ghost wants to battle ” I thought this was a glitch seeing as that I was in a tower full of ghost type pokemon . I quickly through that idea away when it said “Ghost wants one more battle” . It throughout a Gardevoir , Wally’s Gardevoir to be exact . I noticed that this Ghost was wally coming back to exact revenge . He knocked out most of my pokemon intill it got to my Gardevoir and his Gardevoir used CURSE . A new move and it cut his health in half . I took that as lucky and knocked it out with dark pulse . I ended the battle and everything went back to normal again . Wally never showed up again in the game and Gardevoir turned into a normal Gardevoir even its moves went back to normal . Its stats went back to a normal Gardevoirs level 100 stats , the same went with rayquaza . For some reason I keep having dreams about wally killing me in different ways and sometimes I can see him in the corner of my eye but when I turn he is gone . I don't know how it happened but i'm being haunted by a video game rival . He hasn't done anything yet and I don't think he can . It might just be a figment of my imagination and its driving me crazy . I'm telling you now that if you ever have a pokemon turn into a bad egg just leave it alone , put it in a pc box or start a new game . Learn from my mistake and don't use any glitches to bring your pokemon back .lol