Kale Williamson, a 17 year old kid who was killed and raped by a man known as Jeffrey Blalock, also commonly known as 'Jeff the Killer'.

The boy, who had a loving mother was also killed by Jeffrey Blalock.

Also, a picture of a weird thing, also commonly known as 'The Rake' on the Internet was found in the living room of the Williamson's residence. Kale's body was found with his limbs chopped off.

The next week.

"Hey, man!" One of the boys cried happily. The other kid looked to him and waved slowly. "Dude, you okay? You look upset, man."

The other kid looked down and sighed. "C'mon, James, it'll be okay. What's wrong?"

James let out another sigh and looked up. "Rick, I lost my old friend, Kale to two really fucked up things. I don't know what they were, but that's not the point." James said rather loudly.

"Let's go get ice cream. That always cheers me up no matter what." Rick spoke suddenly and helped James stand. "Sure," James said back.

That night.

"Dude, let's take the shortcut to your house!" James said happily, waving his hands in the air.

"The forest? At night?!" Rick screamed and stormed off. James ignored this and continued anyway.

James felt as if he was being watched and he spotted a white spot in the distance.

James stumbled and tripped over, hitting his face in the dirt. "Oof!" He cried and stood up.

A tall, 7 foot man stood over James. He hissed and James went all static. James died.

The next morning.

James Griffold's body was found mutilated in a patch of dirt. Police are investigating this.

Talk to you soon.