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This pasta is loosely based on a fanfiction by jojoleopard involving her OC Heather Petrikov.

I was an intern at Cartoon Network Studios and I was looking in the vault and I found a lost Adventure Time episode, it was called “Heather”, I took it home and watched it, and for some reason, the episode was animated entirely in hyper-realism. The episode began with a brown haired, olive skinned girl, who I assume was the Ice King’s daughter, becouse she was in the Ice Kingdom, cutting herself with glass, I wondered why she was doing this, after all, this was a kids show, wasn’t it? She then said “I am a sad excuse for a person, my father hates me, I’ve dealt with his craziness my whole life, I’ve started cutting myself, with one of the only clean and sharp objects around me- glass, It hearts, but It’s a good pain, It helps me get my mind off my father. I’m done.” She then grabbed a handgun and shot herself in the mouth, and hyper-realistic blood went everywhere. I later found out that the episode was animated in Thailand, and that the Thai animators had worked on several Adult Swim shows, and didn’t know that this was supposed to be a kid’s show.