hello,I'm Jeff Woods. Im moving out of my neighborhood,I hate the new one,because of what has happened the past few weeks of living there. hahahahahahahah Edit

JULY 8th 2014

its been the first day of living here,living with my brother,Liu,I won't be seeing my friend Logan anymore. I'm upset. I hope I will make new friends around here.

JULY 10th 2014

so lastnight I went out for a walk. Then a kid comes up to me,he tells me to follow him,I follow him,and suddenly he punches my leg, the kid yells at me and says "listen kid,I'm the boss here,I make the rules,now give me all your money" i told him I don't have any on me right now. he then said "want me to call my gang" that's when I got up and ran off back home. Im never going outside at night again.

JULY 11th,2014

today I had to watch my brother Liu. we played football on the street. That's when 4 bullies come up and stab Liu in the leg. I grabbed the knife and tried to stab them. I told my mom it was self defense,but I was supposed to go to court in a week.

JULY 21st,2014 in 2 days I'm supposed to go to court,so I stayed home alone because my parents were shopping for something. I was sitting in my bedroom,then I hear knocking at the front door,I walk downstairs,and the same bullies come through the back door. they grab and try to pull me. they walk in the basement,and soon the boiler explodes. my skin turned pale white.