I was walking in the rain around the sidewalk of the street,it has been raining none stop. I decided to go home,I was getting pretty bored. As soon as I got home I put my shoes in the mudroom and walked to the TV room.My dog,Rocker on the couch.he jumped up in excitement and ran over to me. "Rocker!" I sat on the couch and watched some TV. When I turned on the news I saw a report,so I had to listen.

NEWS: It has been a very tragic morning. An old woman identified as Stephanie B. Lindson has been found dead on her bed. Investigated by detectives,a journal book was found,that seemed to be her journal. She described the killer in her journal,as the woman has been followed by this killer. if you see this man,please contact the authorities.

at first I thought it was a prank,to keep the police occupied. Everyone is doing that nowadays. I took a shower,and gave Rocker a walk. We went to the park and walked in the woods area across the bridge. I heard footsteps coming from the bushes. Then it got closer,and closer. Rocker started barking,and whoever it was must have ran off. We went home after that,because it was too much for me. I was getting ready for bed,trying to get the thought out of my head. I was worried about criminals breaking in and killing me in my sleep,so I locked all the entries. But when I remembered the killer,I looked out my bedroom window. and there he was. A clearly 23 year old man with a pale face,a smile carved into his face,long black hair,a white hoodie,black converses,and a knife.