As Jeff drove around in his battered and beaten old van, he started to think about who he was going to slaughter. Jeff found just the right house and screeched to a stop in front of it. Slamming the van's door behind him, he climbed up the nicely colored house wall, up to his goal : the windows of the children's room.

Carving a hole into the window so he could unlock it and enter, Jeff creaked the window open and slithered in like a snake. Jeff stood next to the bed of a sleeping child, who would soon be a lifeless corpse. After waiting and viewing the child, Jeff whispered "Go to sleep". The child woke up instantly, yet died before he could scream.

The next day, the child's parents would have to deal with newspaper reporters and police.



After killing countless numbers of children the unknown serial killer has yet taken another victim. The boy murdered was Abraham E. Lindley, and evidence shows that the slayer had murdered the boy with a kitchen knife.

Detectives assume that the killer was an Asian with long black hair, as the hair scattered along the floor was black and long. However twin Benjamin Lindley describes the murderer as "definitely not Asian"

Benjamin Lindley was sleeping in the bed next to Abraham when the incident was about to occur. If Benjamin had not got up to use the toilet, he would have probably met the same fate as his brother.

When Benjamin came back from the bathroom, he caught a glimpse of the murderer escaping through the window. He describes the murderer as a very white man, with eyes circled around by black, and a large smile that looked as if carved into his face.

Detectives have found that this description fits Jeffrey Blalock. If you have sighted this man, please report to your local police department.