jeff the killer vs dexter morgan who will win, if there was a battle between them?

so lets write a story of there battle, i will begen the story writing. this song fits them allot xD heres the plot of the story ( i havent completed the plot, the person that wants to write the story will have to complete it, as he starts to write the story oh and dont forget to fill in the blanks xD ).

5:30 am in the morning jeff was walking in an miami neighborhood, looking for his next victims, he saw a house with a window open, he climed the window in that house he killed the family ( doberman ) dog a teen boy and his parents, thn jeff heard police siriens from affar so he taked the last bottle of wisky from a broken down cabnet ( the cabnet got broken from the when jeff trown the dog at it ), and got out of the house looking for a place to hide, and he hid in the sewers, he lied down opend his wisky bottle and drank it till he have fallen assleep.

at 6:35 am dexter was sleeping then his phone ringes and he pickes it up, it was his sister telling him to come to a homoside crime scene, dexter got up dreesed to work and got in his car and gone to the crime scene, at the crime sence dexter got out of his car, and started heading to the house, he heard some of his coworkers saying that its very bloody there, and body parts were everyware, then dexter enters the house he looked at the bodies, and explaned how was the crime was done, then he taged few things and got out of the house, dexter was exited abut this case, the style of the murders fits jeff the killer porsona, dexter read all about jeff in the news papers arcives from the net dexter wanted to put his hands on jeff for a realy long time, but jeff was out of reatch, but finaly jeff is close to dexter, and dexter will catch and kill jeff, then dexter got in his car and drove to his office in the police stathion.

7 pm jeff have waked up, he haved a headack from the booze, he stagerd up to his feet, and he started walking, he got out of the sewers and started looking for his next victims.....................