Jeff walked out of a patch of woods with a beer in his hand and saw a house to take shelter for the night. He opened the door. "Fuck, how the hell did I get myself into this shit."

He was about ready to get some rest until the moon shined through the rotted out ceiling. It revealed a blood soaked wall spelling out the name, EYELESS JACK

. Jeff didn`t know what to think. All he could say was, "What the fuck is this shit?" A sudden breeze spooked Jeff, he turned around, blade ready. He saw nothing but he had a feeling that he was being watched.

"It`s only in my mother fucking head. Its only IN MY MOTHERFUCKING HEAD!" Jeff took his blade and slashed the wall repeatedly thinking about his brother Liu. He eventually calmed down and he started to walk out of the house until he heard something. He turned around to see a man in a black hoodie wearing a blue mask, as if he was crying.

"Well well well, its a little late to be out on your own. You look like you could use some sleep" The figure just stood there unaffected by Jeff`s threat. "I guess your the one who smudged the blood on the wall. Is that your name you little blue headed bitch?" Eyeless jack just tilted his head and pulled out a knife smaller than Jeff`s. "What the fuck are you going to do with that puny little sewing needle?"

Jack lunged at Jeff and bashed him through the rotted wall. Jeff got back up and slashed Jack in the torso. Seemingly unaffected, Jack stabbed Jeff`s shoulder and tried to pin him. Jeff became enraged and slammed Jack to the ground. "Let`s see what you have under that little mask jack." Jack got up and kicked jeff in the stomach and slashed him in the back. Jeff only got up and cut Jacks left arm and stabbed his leg.

Jack turned and punched Jeff in the face and knocked him unconscious. Jack took his knife and cut Jeff`s side open and took his kidney. Thinking that Jeff was dead from bloodloss, Jack turned and started to walk away. But Jack didn`t realize that Jeff was still alive. Jeff got up and threw his knife between Jack`s shoulders. Jack collapsed due to his wound. "Just because I was a little bit rusty doesn`t mean you get to get off scott free Jack." Jeff stabbed Jack repeatedly screaming, "Go to fucking sleep!" Jeff came out of his state and walked off. "What a fucking bitch"

That is the ending people wish to hear, but some say that Jack can`t be killed. Not even by another killer.