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(Discontinued) Amy.SATBK Play-again87-BA Dead Bart Update
Amy.SATBKAy!oh (Rip off of Sonic.exe)Bad Egg
Battle of the CreepsBloody SlaveCreepy Eve
Creepy Eve (part two)CreepypastaCreepypasta 2
Creepypasta Spin-off WikiDark EyeDead Bart (Alternate)
Death by Slender ManDestroyedDiary of a Killer
HeatherHome/Quality StandardsJACOB
Jeff Is BackJeff The Killer (remake)Jeff The Killer 2
Jeff The Killer remakeJeff WoodsJeff the Killer
Jeff the Killer: Aren't I Beautiful?Jeff the Killer Part 2Jeff the Killer vs. Dexter Morgan
Jeff the Killer vs Eyeless JackJeff the killer vs the rakeKillers instinct
Lucifer.aviM@r10Mikagura School Suite Episode 13h - "Playing With Suicide"
Mr. Happy's HullabalooMy theory on time travelNo More Sunshine
Nurse JoyOne Door Closes, Another One OpensPasta Monsters: The End
Pokemon Dark GreenPokemon RedRapping.exe
Regretful ReplacementReturn to HyruleSlender: Revisited
Slenderman PoemSomething Pale and SilentSonic doll
Suicide in SoogaSuper Smash HellThe Cutie Mark
The Herobrine...The Summer of 83The bad fate
The dream of the GameTrust Me, Part 1Unused Sonic game Sonic future
Zelda 64 Beta
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File:Coldheartedradiation666.jpgFile:Creepypasta - zalgo.exeFile:Creepypasta Proof.jpg
File:Dark Forest.jpgFile:Dark Hardstyle ~ The DarknessFile:Darkling.jpeg
File:DeadBart.jpgFile:Dieing man.jpgFile:Disney's Pucca.jpg
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