The Sonic Doll is Tails Doll's ex-slave, but now he’s a good guy.

1st encounterEdit

I'm a Sonic fan and I've owned most Wii Sonic games; though I can't beat them. My school got closed partially because a wanted criminal used it as a hideout. So I was at Latchkey, playing Roblox, when I saw a red light. I have no idea what it was and ignored it. Then a few hours later dad picked me up, and I saw that light again. I walked closer to it and saw a figure that looked like Sonic. He was sewn up with a gem on top on his head. Curiosity got the better of me so I touched it. It looked right at me with those eyes. I was too scared to walk away and thus, simply stared at it for a moment. Then it came up to me, and said "Walk away... or you'll die". So I got to dad's car. Then I played Angry Birds on my iPhone to calm myself down. Then that... thing came in, ran to my room's window, but crashed. I was shocked by it, and had to sleep with dad for the next 3 days.

2nd encounter: Different personality, different ways.Edit

6 days later, I saw that red light. Again. I sang "Who’s Watching Me" from Rockwell. It hovered to me, and told me that I'm good at singing. It quickly became my best friend. We talked for a while, then ran into a ditch, wondering if he would become evil. That's when I found out its/his name is the Sonic Doll. We played everyday... and for some reason, none of my parents could see it. bffs!