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    Don't be upset

    February 5, 2013 by CreepyPastaFriend

    Hey guys,

    By now,you've probably read the new no spinoff rule on the original CreepyPasta wiki and this post goes to who's upset with the new rule,don't be upset.They made that rule for a reason.People are witing bad fan-sequels and I guess the original writers are being insulted because of that.So yeah,don't be upset like I was,it won't end well,I am sure of it.Do me a favor and PLEASE don't make the same mistake I did by posting angry comments or something like that.I don't want you guys to get blocked or banned.Thanks


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  • CreepyPastaFriend

    Hello everybody,

    It's me,CreepyPastaFriend and I'm(gasp)on the spinoff wiki?!That's right,I'm here and I'm gonna be seen here more than on the original CP wiki,the reaon,well the CP wiki has a new no spinoff wiki and it made me really upset.I think I'm gonna get attatched to this wiki.Why would I,you may ask?Well,I think this wiki will have more variety.There you have it.I'll be here more and I'll try to post some pastas/grimdarks/fanfics very soon.Thanks very much for reading,and have a great day.

    P.S. Evanescence is AWESOME.

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